Testimonials - What Patients Say

After a traumatic tooth extraction when I was younger, I developed a fear of going to the dentist and all dentist related things. Before visiting Dr. Doshi I had successfully avoided going to the dentist for over 5 years. I wound up with terrible toothache and knew it was time to start the dentist search again. I nervously approached The Ivory Room and set up an appointment. After a thorough examination Neelesh explained to me that I’d need root canal, which was exactly what I didn’t want to hear. I panicked at this news, but Neelesh was sensitive to my anxieties and patiently (but not patronisingly!) explained the entire process to me, which calmed me down significantly. With regards to the actual root canal procedure I can’t praise him or the team enough for how they handled me, from beginning to end and all the tears and panic that came in between!

After my root canal I visited Stephanie, the hygienist, and found her to be equally patient and reassuring. Stephanie explained everything she was doing, each step of the way. We took breathers and I didn’t feel rushed or pressured during the treatment. She was brilliant!

I can’t pretend I’m completely over my fear of dentists and their drills, but I can definitely say I am on my way there and I’ll be back for regular check-ups from now on!

Best wishes,


I have spent much time looking for a new dentist that might inspire me with confidence. I had been with my previous dentist for 20 years or so, but unfortunately he passed away. I have seen quite a number of different dentists, but unfortunately have felt disillusioned after the first visit and decided not to return. However, I am very pleased to have discovered the Ivory Room Dental Practice. Neelesh displayed excellent attention to detail which gave me confidence in his evaluation of a treatment plan (onlays). He was also able to relay complex information in layman's terms explaining procedures in a clear and precise manner. He spent a good deal of time discussing options and looking through the X-rays together which helped me to feel involved in the process which gave me peace of mind. I also liked the fact that I was presented with the cost of the treatment at the initial consultation and without any hidden charges. I look forward to the next 20 years of excellent dental care with Neelesh.


Julie Streatfield

After suffering from a tooth infection I was told by 2 other independent dentists that a root canal treatment on my severely damaged bottom tooth would be impossible and a removal would be my only course of action. I decided to seek another opinion at The Ivory Rooms after visiting their website on the Internet.

Upon my first appointment at The Ivory Rooms I was told and talked through exactly what my dental issue was. Neither of the previous dental practices had explained to me what the problem was, or the probable causes and reasons why it had occurred and due to this I felt confused and anxious.

Dr Doshi decided that root canal would be time consuming and need to be done very carefully, but he felt confident that it was certainly worth trying, despite the challenges.

Thanks to The team at The Ivory Rooms the root canal has been completely successful and I did not have to have a tooth extraction. Nothing is too much trouble for the team and they treated me with great respect and care during my treatment, which I found extremely comforting.

The Ivory Rooms are now my dentist of choice and I recommend them to any friend or colleague who is looking for a quality dentist who treats all patients as individuals, with individual needs.

Lucey Jarrett

I just wanted to write and tell you what a difference The Ivory Room has made to me. When I first came to the practice last year, I hadn't been to a dentist for over 30 years, and was having nightmares about all my teeth falling out. As soon as I walked into the clinic, I knew I had come to the right place - Natalie the receptionist was friendly and professional, and made me feel relaxed and welcome. When Neelesh said that my teeth were actually fine, it reinforced my faith in him - one of my fears had been that because I hadn't been to a dentist for so long, someone would take the opportunity to suggest lots of work that maybe I didn't actually need. Of course, I did need several appointments with the dental hygienist, but Ellen (and her successor Elizabeth) are so lovely that I almost came to look forward to my sessions. I couldn't believe the difference once my teeth had been cleaned up - I used to be a little self conscious about my teeth. Now, though, I feel that The Ivory Room has given me back my smile. I would recommend the clinic to everyone who needs a dentist, especially if you are nervous or haven't been for a while - you will quickly realise that you are in safe, friendly and professional hands

Vivienne Palmer

I would just like to take this opportunity to express my appreciation and satisfaction with the service that I received from The Ivory Room Dental Surgery. I had some dental work done in September 2008, which amounted to a considerable amount of work to being done on my teeth. The dentist spoke through the procedure with me which alleviated some of the anxieties that I had about receiving dental treatment. I felt that I received a high standard of service from the reception staff which made me feel welcome and at ease, upon arrival. I feel now that I have began to conquer my phobia about visiting the dentist and was left feeling confident to make a subsequent appointment in October 2008 and during that visit I received the same standard of high care. The surgery is well presented clean and very welcoming. I would like to express my gratitude and say that I would be happy to recommend the service to others, and will be returning in the future for more treatment


Aritra and I wanted to put in a note thanking you for the wonderful care you have taken of us in the past few months. Having recently moved back to London from New York, Aritra and I were looking for a dental practice that we could feel comfortable with and use on a long term basis. We were extremely impressed at both our first visits. It was wonderful to see a dentist who actually had patience for my general fear of doctors and who explained each step of the procedure in simple laymen terms. Not once did I feel pushed to make any decisions regarding my treatment. Yet, I can say I was complete equipped with all the pros and cons of every alternative.

A huge thank you to your entire team as well who have been extremely courteous and helpful on every occasion. The other day I called up to reschedule an appointment for the evening. While I knew it was too late in the day to cancel (since the appointment was just an hour away), you were extremely accommodating and understanding. It is truly commendable how relaxed you can make a patient feel just by the sheer positive energy and warmth in your practice.

Both Aritra and I greatly appreciate the superior level of care you give us. We are genuinely happy to have found you in our neighbourhood. It is indeed wonderful to know that a caring practice is just around the corner.

Aritra & Ruchi Chakravarty

I am writing to express my gratitude to “The Ivory Room” dental care team that looked after me recently and to heartily recommend them.

I was initially attracted by the layout of the reception area, which looked very modern, clean and inviting. The receptionist could not have been nicer or more friendly and even looked after my child for me while I had my treatment when I was stuck!!!

Neelesh Doshi was a very friendly dentist from the off with a very approachable, informative approach and offered me all the pros and cons of the various options available to me treatment wise. When I was having my treatment, he was very professional, gentle and kind and it has had excellent results so far.

I also saw the dental hygienist at the practice who cleaned my teeth very methodically and thoroughly.

Overall, I am very happy with the quality of the service provided at the practice. It is a very open, flexible and friendly environment and I would be happy to recommend them to friends and neighbours.

Collette O'Callaghan

I would like to thank everybody at ther Ivory Room Dental Surgery for their kindness and patience during my recent visits and treatment. I have always been a veru nervous dental patient and when my front fractured and the very old crown fell off i was both horrified (being vain - how could I ever go out woth no fruont tooth?) and frightended at the though of painful treatment.

I need not have worried. I was abel to reveive treatment immediately; being fitted with an emergency crown, and completely pain free root canal treatment. As forthe DVD glasses - What a brilliant idea1 Even though I must be one of the wrost patints ever, I managed to completely tune out thoughts of my treatments. At each visit I was welcomed, the surgery is bright and modetn and the staff are friendly and caring. Thank you to Natasha, her encouraginging words were very calming.

Mr Doshi explained each stage of the treatment and I felt at ease. I am extremely pleased with the final result. The treatment was completely pain free my new "tooth" is a perfect match with the rest of my teeth.

Visiting the Dentist, for me, could become a pleasant experience!!

Janet Powell

During my last six-monthly 'check-up' Dr Doshi mentioned that he was starting a new practice and it seemed that it would be helpful to anyone seeking treatment at his surgery to have independent comments.

Our family was patients at a dental practice in Hornchurch for many years, but when our dentist had to retire we joined the Hall Lane Practice. Ever since that time we have received very good treatment. Several years ago Dr Doshi joined the Practice and we became his patients and his work has been totally consistent with excellent standards the surgery can boast.

Unfortunately age has taken its toll and I have needed to have three 'root canal' procedures. The first was carried out by Dr Doshi's predecessor and it proved to be quite satisfactory. However, the last two proved to be quite difference in the following ways:

1/ all the various scenarios were fully discussed, both in terms of treatment and their associated outcomes and costs.

2/ the treatment was conducted in stage, after each of which a full assessment was made.

3/ the work itself were carried out with meticulous care.

Thus from my experience I can sat to anyone about to entrust their dental treatment to Dr Doshi that he is the most pleasant person, careful to explain the range, outcomes and cost of any proposed course of treatment and most important of all the work will be done with complete competence.

Prof. Charles Lawrence C Eng, BSc, PhD

Just a short letter thanking you for the treatment provided to me over the past 2-3 years.

When you joined Hall Lane, I was having trouble with an 'in-lay', which had fallen out and decay in the adjoined tooth.

It was pleasing, to me, that you proposed several alternative courses of action - giving the pros and cons of each treatment. My own initial thoughts were for you just to extract the toot, bout advised against this - conforming that the tooth could be saved and the possible pitfalls of an extraction.

I am delighted to say that this advice was spot on and I have had no problems (two years on) from the two overlay crowns which we eventually agreed were the best course of treatment.

I also think that thanks to your recommendations on dental hygiene (using the small dental brushes rather than dental floss) this has been a big contributory factor in my not requiring any treatment at all in the past two years - something I've not enjoyed for a long time!

It is disappointing to here that you might be moving on from Hall Lane and, depending on where your new practice is situated; I would seriously consider transferring, to continue to be treated by yourself.

If this is not feasible, then I wish you continued success for the future and would be happy for you to use this letter as a testimonial.

Mr. Mark Flatt

I recently received dental treatment at your Practice from Mr. Doshi and am writing to say how impressed I was with the manner and professionalism given by him. He explained to me exactly what hw was about to carry out at every stage and was extremely careful and considerate during the period of treatment.

On a return visit to check the treatment I had received he gave me good advice and was ready to listen to any concerns I had.

As a result of this treatment I would have no hesitation in recommending him to friends and colleagues and would appreciate if you would pass on my thanks to him.

G W Aukett

I am writing to convey my appreciation of the excellent treatment received from Mr. N. Doshi on the 9th March.

Some years ago I had repair work done to a tooth at a different Practice, where the dentist caused a large amount of pain, and a filling which did not last long.

Recently the tooth has had several temporary repairs, but the time had come to have it properly fixed.

Mr. Doshi was very good, and patient, in explaining to me what had happened before, what how would do and that the treatment would not cause pain, putting my mind to rest sufficiently enough to have the work done despite still being very nervous.

Fortunately he was right, and I am pleased to say that MR. Doshi will still be with you at my next visit.

Mrs. P. Johnson

Just a line to say thank you very much indeed for excellent dentistry in sorting out my teeth and correcting the problems I had. I am pleased that I can be assured that in the future I will not have major problems to contend with of which I did have for sometime.

Kind regards to you and Julia, and best wishes in professions in the future.


I am writing to thank you for the excellent treatment and care I have received from you over the past six months.

Having previously been treated by a dental surgeon for some twenty-five years, it was indeed quite a revelation to realize I had been receiving less than the best service.

I have no hesitation whatsoever in recommending your name. In fact, I had actually made such recommendations to two individuals just recently. Only to learn that Boots Dentalcare was ceasing to trade within a few months and that consequently you would no longer be working there.

Now that I have completed my present course of treatment I would like to reiterate that I consider the treatment I received was of an exceptional standard as was the care of all the staff at Boots Dentalcare in St Albans. I actually looked forward to going to the dentist, which can't be said too often by many!

I shall be very sorry not to continue to receive dental care at this practice and it is my strong desire to remain a patient of yours when you find alternative employment in the future. To this end, I trust I will hear from you again in the not to distance future and wish you and the rest of the staff at Boots every success in finding new placements.

With all good wishes

Just a quick line to say how much I appreciated the support and professionalism of everyone at Boots Dentalcare. It is unusual these days to encounter such first class customer service - from the receptionists, hygienist Ellen plus you and your top notch assistant – whole team in fact!

As I made clear at our first meeting, I had changed from being extremely fearful, not only of the financial cost but the whole experience. You were all reassuring an after several weeks I have conquered those fears and you all made it as painless as possible.

I have just recommended your services to another colleague and will continue to do so in the future.

I wish the whole team all the best. Thank you.

Ms J.

The above mentioned has been my dentist for two years now. During this time I have had quite a lengthy course of treatment including the fitting of nine crowns and some general restorations. I can not do other than highly recommend Mr. Doshi's skills as a committed and thoroughly competent dentist. Besides his professional skills, he is also a very likeable person who certainly made me as patient feel at ease in the dental chair.

I am writing you to tell you how pleased I have been with the dental treatment I have received over the past few months. As you know I was a very anxious patient but your professional care and understanding helped me through a difficult time. As a first time patient I have been very impressed with the care you have taken to provide me with well fitting natural dentures and I am very pleased with results. Please also thank your nurses who have been sympathetic and very kind.

Following two years without a dentist due to my previous dentist retiring and a visit to a new dentist who proved to be not interested in my case. I called Boots Dentist in Rickmansworth Herts to arrange an appointment to review y situation to see what could be done about a broken plate and the fact that several teeth were loose due to decay.

I was seen Mr. Neelesh Doshi. He did a thorough examination and went through with me all the options that were available and the cost of the treatment. We then agreed a treatment plan that was spread over three months. This involved several extractions and new plats. At all times Mr. Doshi explained exactly what he was going to do and what the next step was. There ware only mirror adjustments required to the plates and the false teeth matched my natural teeth very well.

I found Mr. Doshi very easy to get on with and very professional in his approach to my case. he has laid out future visits to ensure that as the situation with my remaining natural teeth changes he is aware of the facts and that any treatment is carried out before a problem arises.


Both myself and my partner, Vikki Harrison, have been patients of Neelesh Doshi for 2 years. During this time we have both had extensive dental work carried out by him. The work has included veneers, root canal treatment, crowns, inlays & other general dentistry. His work is absolutely first class & an extremely professional and competent dentist. His approach to his patients in exemplary and he has always allayed any fears or doubts that we may have had before and during treatment.

We will definitely want to retain Neelesh as our dentist should he move from Boots PLC & would have no hesitation whatsoever in recommending his work.

I was very disappointed to learn the Boots Dentalcare will be closing at the end of this year.

I have been a member of the Booths Dentalcare Scheme for several years now and have been extremely happy with both the quality of dentistry and professionalism shown by all involved.

In particular, Neelesh Doshi at the St Albans store in St Peters Street has been excellent. He is without doubt the best dentist I have ever had and I am concerned that he may not stay with the Optical Express group.

I would be very grateful if you could give me his forwarding details should he decide not to join the Optical Express group so that I can continue seeing him as my dentist.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank you for the excellent dentistry treatment you have carried out on both my husband and myself. We have both had varied different work carried out by yourself and are delighted with the end result. After many years of attending other dental practices we can now appreciate how professional your dental work is.

We are very sorry to hear that the Boots practice in Rickmansworth is closing in March but do hope that we can still be patients of yours at whichever branch you transfer to.

Lorraine and Joe

I am writing a few lines to let you know how pleased I m with the set of teeth you made for me.

I thought I would have to return to have a few little adjustments - as I've heard happens quite often, but since coming home from collecting them.

I have been able to eat as well as before. They are very comfortable to wear (beside being so much nice I smile).

I am also grateful for making me feel so comfortable, because as you know I was very nervous at the first visit.

Thank you once again.

Wishing you the best for the future.

Mrs. M. Edwards

On having heard that you are setting up new practice, I thought that I should drop you a line and thank you for your assistance and treatment in the past. I am sure your new venture will be successful, and wish you all the best in the future.